360 Real Estate Services, LLC was created for the entrepreneurial business.

As tenants mobilize they need to put their resources into their core business. This means they shouldn’t have to spend capital on space planning, throughput design, workflow studies and racking plans that are the difference between just another relocation and a successful repositioning of the business. That’s where turnkey brokerage comes in. We go full circle in serving the client -- from establishing whether the delta of savings makes a move worthwhile to closely monitoring the final delivery of the space to make sure it meets the letter of the lease. We do what other brokerage firms can’t, or won’t:

  • Comprehensive study of facility goals and future growth projections/space utilization requirements
  • Extensive canvassing and research of the market utilizing multiple databases and brokerage contacts
  • Conduct multiple property tours until a suitable short list of potential spaces is selected
  • Craft space plan sketches and detailed specifications for each clilent requirement
  • Draft detailed RFP's that will allow for side by side comparison of offered terms
  • Produce detailed financial comparison matrixes that allow clients to review competing spaces on an "apples to apples" basis
  • Negotiate deal terms fully leveraging the market and expertise to obtain the best possible terms for clients
  • Manage and review all lease documents to expedite the attorney review process
  • Coordinate and work with the interior architect to create the following: final space plans and permit drawings
  • Coordinate construction with the general contractor, including processing estimates and organizing the bid process
  • Oversee construction, including establishing reporting protocols on-site meetings as needed
  • Oversight throughout the lease term
  • Renegotiate with the landlords in advance of the lease expiration
  • Evaluate comps and alternate properties to best position the client

Once you move in we will continue to function as your real estate resource; answering questions about operating expenses, building procedures and providing market updates at your request.  We bring the process a full 360 degrees so that you can be 100% confident that you have received the best quality of service available, regardless of your business.